Driving through America

There are many exciting and beautiful places to see in our big bold country some of these places are tucked away off a back road or up a steep mountain pass.  The best way to take them all in is by car, here are some guides to help you plan your next exciting road trip throughout this great country.


America by road guides:

#1 Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

By: Guy Fieri and Ann VolkweinYou may recognize the name of television personalities Guy Fieri from the Food Network.

In this book, he takes you to some places of American some of us never heard of.

He outlines some of the best food places to eat that one would otherwise never have tough to venture into let alone eat there.

If you are looking for new and exciting places to go and see with some great eateries along the way this is a book for you.


#2 The New American Dream

By: K Shawtree

The author of this book delivers an insight into living life on the open road for different stories, points of views, tips and advise from a host of longtime RV travelers of all ages.This book gives you advice on how to plan out and map a life on the road right from the best rigs in which to do so down to petrol stops and places to stay.

Incorporating topics such as places and things to avoid right down to keeping your children and pets safe, managing your money, relationships and much, much more.

This is a book anyone taking to the road should read.


#3 Off the Beaten Path

By: Reader Digest

This guide takes you to interesting places off the beaten path that are mostly overlooked by travelers planning their trips.

This book highlights over 1000 such places complete with guides and directions of how to there, things to do and see plus the best places to stay and eat. The well put together layout helps you map out your trip to these unique must-see places state by state A-Z format.  With each destination having been verified by the tourist bureau of each state as still being off the beaten path.

This guide is filled with hidden gems bursting with science, nature, art, culture and history just waiting to be explored by an adventurous road tripper.



America has some of the most beautiful road trips complimented by a well laid out network of roads.  Although most are well signposted always ensure you have an up-to-date GPS system and or maps with all the latest route information to avoid getting lost and taking the enjoyment out of your road trip vacation.