5 Ways to make a road trip fun for the entire family

The two sides of the family road trip

Whilst going road tripping can be fun and exciting there are going to be stretches where the scenery falls away and become nothing but flat stretches of land or just that one cornfield too many to be of interest.

5 Tips for making a road trip fun

#1 Re-usable sticker books and or boards
It does not matter what age you are, stickers, like bubble wrap, have an appeal.

Your local newsagent should have a selection of family fun type sticker books that allow the kids to get creative, learn and even capture the moment as you go.

Travel specific sticker books allow the children to find the object before or as you pass a place and stick it on the correct spot on the map.

You can even design your own and customize it to your road trip.

#2 Trip treasure hunt
Design a treasure hunt for your planned trip, give each kid a map and some clues as to what they will find in the next town or place you are about to come across.  The one who gets their clues first is the place you go to or stop at along the way.

#3 Car Idol
Load up those smartphones or mobile devices, download and print off the words to a whole bunch of songs.  Get the score sheets and set the driver to be the judge, draw straws as to the singing order and the panel gets to decide from the song list what the chosen singer gets to sing.

Get some great prizes for the kids, treats are always nice as are rewards like choosing where you are going to eat next, etc.

#4 Car quizzes
Connect those smart devices and play some online educational games with the entire family as you battle for the winning spot and get to choose the first outing, place to eat, etc.

There are many fun online games to play together.  Just remember to take breaks every so often to avoid car sickness and to ensure you actually get to see some of the interesting scenery passing you by.

#5 Don’t forget the window visors on a long road trip
There are going to be sleepy passengers, even when they are not sleeping no one wants to get uncomfortable with the sun pelting in on them.

You get some really nice window visors that block out the heat but still allow one to see outside.
It also prevents headaches and unnecessary skin exposure to the sun.


If you feel your family sedan or saloon car is going to be a tight squeeze for the family and you want to avoid the inevitable back seat, not enough room brawl.  Why not rent a family sized SUV that is not only comfortable and safe for the entire family but offers you the option of some off-road fun and adventure that is bound to keep the family squealing in delight as you hit the dirt trails or splash through a stream!

Infographic by: visual.ly