Handyroad safety tips for travelers

Road safety applies where ever you are in the world

Although each country has their own unique road traffic laws and regulations there are some basic rules that may have slight adjustments to them depending on where you are, but the basic principals are the same.  As are these handy tips we have put together for you as one of the major causes of deaths for travelers are road accidents.


Handy road safety tips

  • Getting ready for your trip
    • Make sure your car has been fully serviced if you are travelling within your own country in your own car.
    • Make sure your spare wheel has been checked and is fully inflated. It is always best to have a battery pump on hand.
    • Ensure your car jack, tire iron and wheel spanner are in with your spare, it is also handy to have a two-way screwdriver.
    • Check that you have an Emergency Triangle sign in case of a break-down.
    • Put all emergency numbers into a book as well as on your phone/mobile device
    • Pack plenty of water, blankets, snacks, a flashlight and first aid kit
    • If renting a car do all the pre-car checks before leaving the agency, you can also rent a GPS system and child seats.
    • Make sure your GPS System has all updated information
    • Get new maps of your route and the places you will be visiting as a backup
    • Always pack the night before and get plenty of sleep before driving
    • Get all the information about parking, speed limits and the traffic laws, regulations and requirements of the place(s) you are visiting beforehand so you have time to go through them and fully understand them.


  • Driving
    • Always buckle up and ensure all your passengers are too
    • Keep your doors locked
    • Keep your window washer liquid topped up and use an additive to ensure your windows are kept clean so there is no obstruction to your view
    • Do not use mobile devices whilst traveling as it is illegal and a huge distraction.
    • Keep your GPS on voice mode and if traveling with passengers let them take control of any hands-free or mobile device kits. If you are alone it is best to pre-set these or pull over somewhere safe to re-adjust, preferably your nearest gas station or rest stop.
    • Never have any alcohol, drugs when driving, not only is it illegal and comes with hefty penalties you become a danger to yourself, family and other people traveling on the roads.
    • If you are on prescription medication that can impair your judgement in any way rather let someone else do the driving.



If you are going to be renting a car or travelling by road at your chosen destination always ensure that you have read their road safety rules and regulations.  Some countries travel on the opposite side of the road to what America does and have different rules that need to be adhered to.

Infographic by: exchange.aaa.com