Car review sources

When going to buy or rent a car it is great to know what you are actually buying or renting.
We have listed 4 of the best motor review shows on American television for you.

Top 4 Car TV shows:

#1 Fast n’ Loud

Network: Discovery Channel

Host(s): Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kauffman

A humorous account of car restorations, information about the various models and a look at the resale values for classic and some second-hand cars.You do not get more real than these guys with their true love of automobiles and the fact that the show keeps it real with a lot of botched jobs along the way make is a great one for classic car enthusiasts.


#2 Top Gear USA

Network: BBC Worldwide

Host(s): Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood and The Stig

Although most of the main host’s cars are destroyed in his many on show challenges Adam Ferrara’s love of American vehicles shines through as clear as day in this American spin-off of the British version of Top Gear.The show looks at most of the cars from supercars to the smallest of two-door economy cars.


#3 MotorWeek

Network: PBS, Discovery Network, Velocity, V-me and the American Forces Network

Host(s): John H. Davis and crew

One of the oldest running car television programs this show first aired on the 15th October 1981.It has won television awards and still remains one of the best programs to watch for reviews on all the new releases of cars.

The show reviews and tests more than 150 vehicles and trucks each year putting them through their paces and giving the public a complete rundown of each.


#4 Chris Harris on Cars

Network: BBC America

Host(s): Chris Harris

Chris Harris gives his no-holds-barred detailed account of all the vehicles he drives.

A former racing car driver he knows his way around a car and how to put it through its paces.
He can also be seen on Drive channel on YouTube where you can view some of his amazing test drives of various vehicles.



Although TV shows can be really informative it is always best to actually take a car for a test drive before you actually put your money on the line.

Another really great way to test drive a car is to rent a vehicle for a couple of days to really get the feel of the car and make sure it is the one for you.