5 Top vehicles in America for towing

The best vehicle for the job!

Often there is need to have our vehicle tow something like a boat, caravan, horse box or some form of a trailer.

Whilst many cars can have tow hitches fitted to them not all are suited to towing some items.

5 Top vehicles in America for towing

#1 The Subaru Outback

One of the safest family cars on the road, with advanced driving features and road handling abilities it is no wonder that this car has won its fair share of awards.

Its roomy cabin allows for comfortable travel while its all-wheel-drive makes it able to navigate and cruise any terrain in any condition.

With the correct towing pack this car has full towing capabilities, check with your dealer as each model comes with a different weight limit.

#2 The Lincoln MKC

This beautifully styled Lincoln with its luxurious interior and mod cons come in a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine or the option of the 2.3-lite engine with 285 horsepower.

Both of the Lincoln MKC models are capable of towing up to 3000 pounds but you will have to get the Trailer Tow Package as the car does not come equipped with it.

But the car offers a smooth comfortable ride and tows with ease as long as you do not exceed the towing capacity.

#3 The GMC Acadia

As far a mid-sized SUV’s with that have a grand towing capacity go, you can not really go wrong with the GMC Acadia.

The V6 with its heavy-duty cooling system, Class III hitch and 7-pin wiring harness can pull up to 4000 lbs.  With added extras to the two packs that include “Two Vision” that enhances the rearview camera with dynamic guidelines to help lineup the trailer and hitch.

#4 The GMC Yukon

The larger step up from the Acadia especially for bigger families or groups!

A finalist in the 2017 Best Large SUV for family’s category this large size SUV can seat up to 9 passengers quite comfortable.

Its 355-420 horsepower can tow an impressive 8500 lbs and comes fully equipped with all the mod cons and interior luxury you would expect from an SUV of its class.

#5 The Chrysler Pacifica

This all-purpose mini-van not only comes fully equipped with all the mod-cons and designed for family comfort and safety equipped correctly it has the potential to tow up to 3600 lbs.

This best in class for mini-vans vehicle has 287 horsepower and 626 lb. ft. of torque and gets up to as much as 28 miles per gallon on the open road.



When towing always ensure you have a valid license and plate for what you are towing.  Your care mirrors are in accordance with the towing rules and regulations, that all the warning lights and indicators work on the item being towed.  If you are towing another vehicle, ensure you stay in the slow lane and keep your cars hazards as well and the one being towed hazards on at all times.