The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator adds a classic style while packing in the road tripping fun

An all-American SUV

One of the best cars to own for a family is an SUV.  Especially for parents with sporty kids that need a boot to handle all the kit and a large back seat to handle the kids.  The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator is an SUV worth having a look at with its complete design and features revamp.

3 Reasons to get a Lincoln Navigator

#1 Safety
Updated safety features in the New Lincoln Navigator include:

  • Head-Up display which is customizable driving modes and a nice bright windshield projection display for information without road distraction.
  • Lincoln offers new DLP technology which allows them to be visible even when the driver is wearing shades. DLP is a digital light projection system.
  • Advanced driver assists with a 360-degree digital camera that is mounted at the back of the rearview mirror, the camera scans the road markings as you drive and determines lane drift, whereby it will alert or assist the driver using the instrument cluster and steering system.
  • The adaptive cruise control has collision mitigation and stop-go capabilities. The car will automatically brake or accelerate to keep to the set speed or intelligently keep pace with the traffic around it.  It will also warn the driver of pedestrians and or objects in its path up ahead.

#2 Large, comfortable and innovative interior
The interior has been designed for the driver’s convenience, comfort and ultimate driving experience whilst ensuring that the passengers are not only safe but comfortable, entertained with more than enough space to move even when seated up to the capacity of 7 people.

  • Winning the “Best in class” for second and third-row seating this Lincoln’s interior has been optimized for the utmost comfort and style. It has “one-touch tilt” and “slide PowerFold” second-row seats with “power-reclining PowerFold” third-row seats.
  • There is immense cargo room even when all the seating rows are up. When the back rows are down you can see why this SUV also won the best-in-class cargo room.
  • The seats offer “Perfect Position” with “Active Motion” standard with independent thigh extenders, massage, 11 independent air cushions and heating and ventilation. You won’t want to leave your car seat.
  • This SUV comes with all the hi-tech gadgets and sound system plus a “Panoramic Vista Roof”

#3 Powerful Engine and great performance
With six distinctive selectable drive modes to ensure the SUV handles at its optimal no matter the weather or the terrain, you are sure to get immense pleasure out of driving this vehicle.

  • 450 horsepower, twin-turbo 305-litre engine with 510 lb. Ft. of torque in the all-new Lincoln engine designed for the utmost efficiency.
  • Dual-point fuel injection and electronic controls
  • 6 different selectable drive modes to enhance the driver’s confidence no matter the type or condition of the road.
  • An adaptive suspension creates a smooth ride for the driver and passengers no matter the terrain or road.
  • The Navigator has the capability to tow up to a capacity of 8700 lbs.


The Lincoln Navigator has been overshadowed by the other SUV’s in its class in the past few years.  SUVs such as Cadillac and Mercedes Benz.  But this year the Navigator has been released with a whole new facelift and this all-American full-size SUV is giving its competitors a run for their money.